Recovery Tips For New Runners


If you've recently taken up running, you may be feeling a little frustrated with the progress you're making. Your muscles are probably sore every morning after your run and you might be feeling exhausted post-run. Here are some useful tips to prevent aches and help you get the most out of your run.


Recovery before you start


There are many things you can do to ensure your muscles are being looked after even before you begin your run. Having the right sneakers, protective insoles, and compression clothing will help prevent injury and give you  maximum comfort. 


Your body is put under a lot of stress when running, especially if it's on a hard surface like a road or pavement. NOENE insoles integrate advanced shock-absorption technology to absorb the harmful vibrations generated when your foot hits the ground. This means reduced muscle aches, injury prevention and better performance. 


Eating the right food after your run


It's important to get the proper nutrition after a run as well as rehydration. Make sure to eat within an hour of finishing your run in order to enable your muscles to build and heal quicker. Your body needs fuel and eating the right type of food can also help. We recommend a snack with both carbohydrates and protein, and around 300 calories. This will ensure your muscles are getting the right energy.


Cool down and stretch right


After your run, don't skip cooling down! You're already exhausted but pushing through it will make sure your blood flows properly to your heat and lungs, and will prevent you from becoming dizzy and will stop your muscles from spasming. Then allocate 10-15 minutes on stretching major muscle groups. 


Rest well


Your body needs rest as much as it needs regular exercise. Resting, and especially quality sleep, will give your muscles chance to repair - especially the night after a long run. If you're not sleeping properly, don't expect your best performance.