Do insoles help prevent basketball injuries?


Approximately 22% of male basketball players sustain at least one injury a year. And by injury, we mean an injury which prevents the player from continuing playing. Sprains are the most common type of injury, followed by injuries to the foot or ankle.  


Why does basketball cause more injuries than running or other sports?


Basketball isn't a predictable sport - it involves interacting with others in a very spontaneous way. But then again, soccer is like that too. Basketball, though, combines jumping, throwing, running, changing direction and clashing with other players. 


Players are subject to a lot of impact, muscle overload and repeated actions. The jumping puts an even greater load onto players, especially since most players are tall and are jumping to great heights. 


How do you prevent injury?


Regular running puts a lot of strain on our feet and joints, but jumping is a whole new level. It is crucial that basketball players take precautions to prevent injury and discomfort. 


Warming up and cooling down, performing regular aerobic activity and resistance training and avoiding over-exertion all contribute to reducing injury.


But perhaps the best thing you can do is invest in insoles which will absorb the shock each time your foot hits the ground, especially when you're jumping. 


NOENE® insoles provide stability and absorb and dissipate the vibrations generated when your foot hits the ground, meaning your feet and joints are receiving far less impact. NOENE® insoles absorb 92% of shockwaves. With proper stability and protection, your risk of injury, aches and sprains are dramatically reduced.