5 ways to prevent running injuries


An injury is a runner's worst nightmare. Well actually, it's anyone's worst nightmare but for those of us who work out or train regularly an injury means a major setback in our routine.


Running injuries are more common in amateur athletes than professional athletes, but anyone running, jogging or even walking should be taking measures to protect themselves from injury.


So, how can you prevent injury when running, jogging or walking?


  • -Comfortable and supportive running shoes. Let's start with the basics. Before you even get close to running it's important to choose sneakers that are right for your weight, shape of foot and that will protect you according to the terrain and exercise you do.


  • -Protective insoles. Good sneakers alone aren't enough. It's essential to invest in quality insoles like NOENE to absorb the vibrations generated when your foot hits the ground. This will protect your joints from injury and from pain.


  • -Warm up before any exercise. Now you're well equipped it's important to prepare for your run/exercise. Warming up prepares your muscles and joints, contributes towards better performance and goes a long way in preventing injury.


  • -Stretching after exercise. Likewise, stretching your muscles out after your run is crucial otherwise you risk waking up the next day with terrible pain, or worse, suffering from injury.


  • -Do strength training. It might sound strange but training with weights will help increase muscle power, strengthen your ligaments and ultimately protect against injury. Strength training will reduce muscle fatigue and increase your strength too.